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We're Mabyn & Daniel, a husband and wife wedding photography team, based out of Charlotte North Carolina. We've spent 10 years of shooting amazing weddings and loving every moment! We're central to Charlotte, NC but also travel to Asheville, Greensboro, & Winston Salem. We LOVE to travel and are also available for the destination wedding your heart desires!
We fully believe your wedding is an extension of the two of you. And you want wedding photography that reflects more than a cookie cutter wedding day. Whether it's the raw emotion of your first time you see each other. Or the humor of your best man killing it on the dance floor, those moments matter. The LIFE of your wedding and your story matter.
We've created our business around our client's stories. It's not about us or the showiness of your wedding day. It's about two people making a vow and the community who gathered there to support & love you.
We also believe that choosing a photographer shouldn't be laden with stress or fear. We're here to serve & guide you step by step! Giving you the peace of mind that your wedding will be photographed flawlessly!


Why Choose Mabyn Ludke Photography

We value your memories

Life changes so quickly. Since our wedding day we've lost family & friends. Big life choices have come and gone. But, when I look back on our wedding photographs I am transported back to that perfect day. All of my memories come flooding back in bright vivid color!
Those memories are invaluable & precious to me. So when Daniel & I go into a wedding day we're looking for those moments. The ones that will breathe life into your wedding day for decades to come. Moments surrounding your relationships and your community. Those are the moments that matter.

We tell Your Story

Every couple we meet is completely different. Their story is made up of their own twists and turns. Our goal is to connect with you on more than just a surface level. This allows us to understand you and how you love. With us you wont get recycled shots or a big show. We're here to capture your unique story.
We totally know that weddings are expensive! We honor the investment that you make with us. In turn, we want to make your wedding photography experience as stress free as possible! When you book with us, you'll be provided with a ton of information to prep you for the big day. By the time your wedding day gets here you'll feel completely comfortable with us & our cameras!

We Create your legacy

There is nothing more amazing than flipping through my parent's wedding album. You know, the one with the metal corners & made up of poloroids & snapshots from an old 35mm camera. It's filled with their guests, silly moments, and giant grins as they left their reception. It was a beautiful day for them and I love that they recount story after story every time they look at it. They've been married almost 50 years and they still swoon over their sweet small town wedding. Every time we get to look through those photographs, it solidifies in me the importance of print.
I want to make sure our couples have the option of creating their own family heirloom. We have beautiful hand crafted wedding albums as well as canvas or framed prints. The perfect way to leave your legacy for generations to come.

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What if I hate getting my picture taken?

I'd say a good 60-70% of our couples dread getting their photo taken. The idea of having to stare down the lens of a professional dslr gives them anxiety. Tho we take what we do seriously, the way we approach taking photographs is very relaxed. During your sessions we'll chat, laugh, and have you interact naturally. You'll find that it's not nearly as painful as you imagine in fact, it's even fun!

What do I do with my hands?

As we stated in the previous question, our approach to taking photographs is relaxed and organic. However, we understand that sometimes you just need a little help! Knowing where to put those awkward hands can be hard, as well as any other poses. Never fear! We've got you! We're posing experts and will guide you to the perfect natural position.

Will the photos take forever?!

Your wedding day is going to be busy, busy, busy! We understand that the purpose of your wedding is to celebrate with those you love! Our first approach is to be a fly on the wall. During those moments that need no direction, we'll be there to observe and capture as things as they unfold. When it comes time for the formal photographs we'll be as efficient and joyful as possible! You've got family & friends coming from all over! We want to honor their time and still capture beautiful once in a lifetime portraits for you to enjoy.

Let’s do this! How do we book?

Let me be the first to say WOOHOO! We're so freaking excited! Next you'll want to fill out that contact form right below this FAQ section. This will ensure that we're available for your wedding date. Once we confirm our availability, we'll forward you a helpful email with tons of great stuff! Including our wedding collections and work we think you'll enjoy. We can't wait to get to know you both better and capture your fantastic wedding day!

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"Mabyn has a sixth sense and a keen eye for documenting your wedding and engagement in the most gorgeous storybook way!"

- Lindsey & Mark

"I didn't want a cookie cutter wedding photography experience, and I certainly did not get one! Mabyn and Daniel are truly extraordinary at their work."

- Alicia & Bill

"When we found Mabyn Ludke Photography, it was obvious we had found our kindred spirits!"

- Aine & Joe

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