Coffee Date

Daniel and I want to hear all about your story and we want to tell you all about our I want to tell you all about our cats and Daniel will roll his eyes and shake his head. We'll also want to hear all about your awesome wedding plans and answer any questions you might have about it all. All while sipping a delicious cup of coffee!

Choose your adventure

Choosing your wedding collection is like those "choose your own adventure books." Simple with only few choices. That leaves a lot more room for what's important, YOU! Our collections are designed to fit your needs with flexibility to fit your uniquely planned day. Want to run away to the mountains for your engagement session? DONE. Want to create a wedding album that is the most awesome book you'll ever own? CHECK. Want to battle with Light Sabers on your wedding day? HECK YES! We're all about capturing who you are!

Get Comfortable

Getting your photo taken is hard, especially when the pressure of the day is so high. So we take the pressure off by creating a relaxed and fun enviornment both at your engagement session and on your wedding day! You don't have to be anything other than your beautiful and vibrant selves. We'll make you look and feel amazing because YOU ARE! That's why Daniel and I love this career so much, when you are authentic to who you are then there is no need for posing and photo tricks, it's magic!

Relive the Love

You spend hours and hours planning every detail and then WHAM! It's over. The day went by quicker than you ever could have expected. I know because that's exactly how our wedding day was! So Daniel and I have created one more experience to help you extend your absolutely incredible wedding day just a little longer with our wedding preimere! We'll enjoy some delicious treats, relive your wedding day magic, and create your album! A great way to end your wedding experience and kick off the next chapter in your story!

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"We could not be more happy about the decision to hire Mabyn. She took advantage of every shot, and we were more than willing to follow her into whatever wooded area, or dimly lit street corner she took us too."

- Allie & Matt

"Mabyn is the best! Her photos are so original and incredible as well. We were so happy to work with her and can't say enough great things about her!"

- Erin & Kyle

"Working with Mabyn & Daniel felt like working with friends!"

- Meredith & Zach